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Frequenty asked questions

What is No Nut app?

No Nut is the best quit porn app in the App Store. It helps you quit porn addiction and recover your brain.

Why must you quit porn addiction?

When you quit porn addiction, you will see physical and mental benefits in your life directly.

Mental Benefits
- Boost your self-confidence.
- Increased attraction. Get more attention from opposite gender.
- Become more successful person in your work and school
- Have more energy and unending motivation
- Boosted happiness
- No stress or anxiety
- Self-acceptance

Physical Benefits
- Higher energy levels everyday
- Faster muscle growth & shining skin
- Better and deep sleep experience
- Amazing focus & success at anything you do
- Healthy sexual life
- No more erectile dysfunction

Is No Nut available for iPhone and iPad?

Yes. You can install No Nut your iPhone or iPad from App Store. Go to No Nut App Store.

Is No Nut available for Android devices?

No, not yet. We're working on it.

Do you have any other question?

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